@gmanews murders English language

Here are some pieces of evidence pointing to @gmanews as the main culprit in the serial murder of the English language.

gmamug - Copy

Exhibit No. 1:

tanya - Copy

There is a difference between “assure” and “ensure.” We hope this link would finally enlighten the social media specialists over at Timog Avenue.

Exhibit No. 2:

risks - Copy

Pronouns and antecedents—like subjects and verbs—also have to agree. Okay?

Exhibit No. 3:

purisima - Copy

So what do you call those random checkpoints?

This time, @gmanews is trying to be funny. We’re not amused.

coldfront - Copy

In case @gmanews finally goes to jail over its grammar atrocities, it will likely share the death row with @ABSCBNNews.

shootout - Copy

“Shootout” has a hand? Well, it should thank the Calabarzon police chief for washing it.

4 thoughts on “@gmanews murders English language

  1. Exhibit 2: Could it be that the antecedent of “it” is “being afraid”?
    Exhibit 3: If Purisima did say that contradicting quote, then it’s not GMA’s fault.
    There’s also nothing wrong with the idiom “wash hands of” as it was used by ABS-CBN. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/wash+hands+of They could have said “washes HIS hands of”, but in tweet or headline format, sacrificing “his” is forgivable.

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