#Amalayer: From viral to epidemic (Is Gregory Llamoso also to blame?)

Forty-eight hours after the now-infamous “Amalayer Girl” video was posted by one Gregory Paulo Llamoso on Facebook, comes this parody made by two individuals described as US Army personnel. This is proof of how far-reaching the consequences are of social media gone out of control.

We don’t know how severely the events of the past two days have affected the college student at the center of the latest “trending topic,” Paula Jamie Salvosa. But we’re pretty sure media outlets that have often paid tribute to the “power of social media” are now beginning to realize the ramifications of riding on an angry mob for the sake of Internet traffic.

This is not the first time such incident has happened. Allow us to help the online press examine its conscience.

This Amalayer episode has exposed a tendency by our new crop of online reporters to report immediately on the latest trending topics on social media without the journalistic spadework. Trapped in a fast-paced, online ecosystem, “reporters” from the likes of ABS-CBNNews.com and Inquirer.net think the job is done after copy-pasting the juiciest tweets and status messages on the day’s hot item.

In the case of Amalayer Girl, stories were published online without baseline journalistic details. How old is Paula? Where does she study? Is Paula even her real name? Was she with anyone at the LRT Santolan station? Did it really happen at Santolan station last Tuesday?

Count on the likes of ABS-CBNNews.com and Inquirer.net to be the first to break the story, but not to get it right. Mind you, this isn’t even a story of earth-shattering importance. Imagine how they handle bigger stories!

On Wednesday, news spread on Twitter that Paula had been expelled by her school. The two news websites that had been too eager to report that a video of her LRT tongue-lashing had gone viral were unfortunately too lazy this time to exert an effort to verify.

What about Gregory Paulo Llamoso, who peddled the video and even described himself on his Facebook post as an ABS-CBN “Bayan Patroller” citizen journalist? Apparently, the media giants simply grabbed the video and took his word for it, and did not challenge his version of the LRT incident. What was his motivation for posting the video? Why did he not capture the whole incident on his cellphone camera? Was the video edited? Did he try to calm things down? In the first place, what was his business taking a video of Paula? Did he feel a moral obligation to spread the video for all the world to see? What for?

Llamoso might have only the best of intentions and was overwhelmed with sympathy for the lowly lady guard. But in turn, his action fed a young woman (whose bad temper got the better of her) to a pack of thoughtless and self-righteous cyberbullies.

With media so heavily invested on citizen journalism to make the job of newsgathering more convenient, can we expect them to take on this wild beast that is of their own making? Thanks to Interaksyon’s Atty. Mel Sta. Maria, we are now informed that Llamoso could be held liable for overstepping his bounds.

Here’s a photo of Gregory from his Facebook page. We’ve seen a photo of him with popular TV personality Vice Ganda, but it’s no longer available as of Thursday night.

Gregory Paulo Llamoso

Here is Vice Ganda doing the Amalayer on the noontime program Showtime. Is there a connection here somewhere? Let’s ask ABS-CBNNews.com and Inquirer.net, if they’re not too busy looking for the next viral video.

62 thoughts on “#Amalayer: From viral to epidemic (Is Gregory Llamoso also to blame?)

  1. hmmm..maybe we need to know the whole story first. I think the lady reacted beacause of what the guard did. The lady is not all at fault here. Maybe people just have to know the whole story before jumping to conclusion or maybe people should know when to stop. Beyond that could be considered as bullying or mocking which is against the basic right.

  2. what Vice Ganda did is not entertainment anymore.It’s mocking. When is mocking becomes entertainment? It’s also bullying. Kids watch that show.They should not see that kind of stuff. That’s why nowadays, kids are disrespectful not only to parents but to other people. That’s one of the factors.Parents should also know when to to restrict their kids.

  3. Its her fault for regardless of what the lady guard did she should have settled it in private with the supervisor .. she made a public hysteria of the whole thing showing her personality of a very Impolite and aggressive behavior .. She could have done it a more civil way buy she didnt kaya she cant blame anyone but herself .. Having a bad day or whatever reasons does not give you the right to make a hysterical and scandalous act for the whole public to see and expect people not to react to it common sense right?. And to make thing worse according to the news she disregarded the guard for bag inspection and walked away thats why the guard grabed her and ask her what her problem was meanning she insulted the guard 1st and take note the guard is only doing her duty .. good thing the guard didnt slap her or retaliated lucky for her ..

    • How do we know she did not try settling it in calmly manner? We were not there. It was according to news. We all know some guards are really rude and arrogant. The more we try to calm down, the more they show they are in power. The lady guard was at peace in the video bcoz her superior was with them already. I cannot blame the student for reacting that way coz she was treated badly ACCORDING TO HER and not by the news

      • you will never know… sungay nya, soung nya… buntot nya hila nya…

        huhuhu… damage done… lesson learned…

    • Lol. Insanity ka dude mag isip. Ikaw kaya tumayo sa kalagayan ng babaeng yan? There are so many people in this whole world na ginawa yan. Pero that is cyber bullying! Good thing the guard didn’t slap her or retaliated??? Kung gagawin sa akin ng gwardya yun, baka hindi na xa abutin ng bukas. Think man, one sided ka mag isip. (= _ =) SHEEZ

  4. O ngayon naman maiinis tayo sa nag-video? LOL, we are one big irony :D

    Meron talagang maaangas at minsan rude na mga sekyu. For all we know, the lady guard was actually rude to her kaya nagalit si Amalayer.

    But it still doesn’t give her the right to shout at the lady guard and humiliate her and make her feel that she’s inferior. At ang OA na ginawa niyang eksena ay di nakatulong sa claim nyang siya ay isang edukada. A short, calm but firm reprimand would have done her a lot better. Lalo na nung nag-sorry na si Ate guard, ayaw pa rin kumalma ni Amalayer.

    Regarding Mr. Llamoso, meron siya disclaimer na hindi nga raw niya alam ang buong pangyayari. We just love meddling ;) Aminin natin, lahat tayo – mula kay Ate guard, Amalayer, pamunuan ng security ng LRT, kumuha ng video, nagkalat ng video, nagreact sa video – ay may kinalaman sa resulta nito. I just hope we learned a lesson or two ;) (like wag masyado maging mapagmataas, your brain should work faster than your mouth)

    I also hope Amalayer wasn’t expelled. That’s too much. She doesn’t deserve that. I super super hope that the security agencies train their guards poperly, di lang sa pagbabantay kundi sa pakikitungo sa mga tao.

    Thank you Spinadmin, it was a nice article. :)

    • So bakit hindi tayo nagalit sa kumuha ng video ni Blair Carabuena na sinasaktan ang isang MMDA? Hindi ba halos pareho din nito ang situation? Or are we just cherry picking whenever we feel comfortable?

      Walang masama sa ginawa ng kumuha ng video. Ang mali lang, ay hindi nakunan ng buo ang mga pangyayari. But still, you know that the girl is still at fault. Hindi porke marunong kang mag-ingles ay mamaliitin mo na ang isang tao (at yun ang pinapalabas niya). The truth is, naiinis tayong lahat sa ginawa ng babae dahil pinamumukha niyang she is on the elite status dahil sa paulit-ulit niyang pag-i

      • Kya tau hindi ngalit s kmuha ng video ni carabuena is bcoz tunay n reporter ang nkakuha ng video which is part of his job and the incident is completely different. Carabuena assaulted the mmda officer. And narinig ntin ang panig ng both sides. In this case, the student was provoked to do such thing bcoz she was treated badly by the guard according to her. We were not there to conclude that she refused bag inspection. It was just according to

    • Kya tau hindi ngalit s kmuha ng video ni carabuena is bcoz tunay n reporter ang nkakuha ng video which is part of his job and the incident is completely different. Carabuena assaulted the mmda officer. And narinig ntin ang panig ng both sides. In this case, the student was provoked to do such thing bcoz she was treated badly by the guard according to her. We were not there to conclude that she refused bag inspection. It was just according to

      • The news. Hndi nman porket ganun ang gnwa nya eh ganun n tlga ang ugali nya. For me naiintindhan ko sya kc mrmi nman tlgang bastos n guard at gov’t employees. Bilang passengers or customers,we expects respect from the employees right?! For me she was just provoked. Mali ang gnwa ng kmuha ng video kc ang intention nya ay sumikat. He should be sued.

    • whoa!!! invasion of privacy? malicious imprudence? atty manikmanaog, ikaw ba yan? hahaha…

      lesson learned! at marami pang lesson na nauna. remember carabuena? be on your guard always… kumilos ng tama. huwag pa-EPAl… baka may nagvi-video sa iyo or nahahagip ka ng CCTV sa area.

  5. We all know what part two is. Thanks to Gregory. Paula and the Lady guard are the only people who really knows what part 1 is. Regardless whose at fault, never berate people especially those in uniform. Karma is a bitch. Never brag about your education when you cannot back it off with a good character. Amaleave now…

  6. Invasion of privacy? LRT isn’t a private place… If I where the Lady Guard, I will file a case against this amalayer girl “Public Scandal”…

  7. In fact, this amalayer girl shouldn’t have been allowed to enter the premise of LRT because she doesn’t want to undergo security check. I believe LRT has its own CCTV, they can also show it in public to shed light on this issue since everyone is claiming that the posted video isn’t the whole thing….

  8. Technology should now teach us to behave in public. The video speaks for itself. Amalayar bullied a lowly sikyu. She behaved like an uneducated person, while the lowly sikyu behave professionally which should be the other way around. Plus, sobrang arte nya! Pa-ingles-ingles pa. Let’s see nga if she really knows how to speak english. Let’s ask her to write an essay of what happened, & let’s see the grammar. Her pa-english-english was meant to bully the sikyu and portray herself as somebody.

    Now, should Gregory be blamed?

    How about blaming McDonald for providing the CCTV video of the killer of model Rodelas? If McDo didn’t share the video the killers could have gotten away. Let’s blame also the numerous CCTVs that were instrumental in capturing criminals and also catching kotong cops.

    • U cannot compare cctv’s to this one bcoz the intentions are different. The intention of the uploader of this video is to be famous w/o thinking the outcome to the persons involved. While the cctv’s are to resolve crimes.

      • your twisting it… can anybody become famous by just posting a video. hahaha…

        who posted the video of charice who is now a big hit because someone posted her videos? or who posted random girl at the mall zendee rose tenerife? who posted carabuena? who posted the laundry shop owner? are they famous now?

        NO! we, the users who like, share, and comment made the issue so big… kasi nga mga sawsaw tayo, mga tsismoso… stop blaming the poster, blame all of us.

    • Do u think amalayer would react that way if she was not provoked to do so? She spoke in english to show the guard that she’s not just somebody else. It’s easy for us to judge her bcoz we were not in that situation. I bet u would do the same if it happens to u. Peace!

  9. Maybe we should not really blame this amalayer girl. Maybe we should blame the parents, good manners and right conduct should always start at home… What do you think? I am just wondering what is the reaction of her parents about this?

    • Would u allow someone to blame your parents for your wrong doings? I bet your parents thaught u good manners. But we cannot blame them for our mistakes bcoz we are not with them all the time and we have our own mind to decide for ourselves. Ang kslanan ni juan ay di ksalanan ni pedro.

  10. this is dumb. I can take a bunch of video of whatever if I want to and post it anywhere. Once I recorded it, it’s mine I can do whatever I want with it.

    • Yes it’s yours. But once u spread it out with the intension of humilliating or destroying one’s name or personality, let’s see.
      Why don’t u try? Hehe. ;-)

  11. I think the issue on “Amalayer” is becoming too much, most of us already forgot the more important issues to deal with. I hope this will not last until next year. As for the one who took the video of the incident, maybe he just want to be famous – only in a different way.

  12. Let me add this: I hope this issue will serve as a lesson for us. That being arrogant or rude in public places is unbecoming of a person valuing courtesy. On the other hand, condemning the person instead of the action (for Amalayer’s part) plus documenting stuff only to humiliate that person is unbecoming of a Christian and a HUMAN.

    • I agree with you triggerhappyhipster. The person who took the video should have done his journalistic responsibilities by capturing the whole story and presenting unbiased information. I cannot say if she reacted wrongly or not because I have no idea what was done, or said, to her to make her lose control. Perhaps if we understood what happened— i mean really understood—then perhaps we would not be so quick to judge. The lesson here is that as a mature society, it is time we started acting like one…

  13. Lets look the situation fairly. para naman kayong(mga naninira) hindi tao ehh..it does not mean na pagnagkamali ang isang tao hindi na natin cia bibigyan ng chance… We learn from our experiences and mistakes but not to the extent point na bigyan cia ng extreme punishment(cyber bullying) in which lahat ng tao sa mundo ibubully cia. very inhumane naman po ang ganyan. It’s like we are doing what she did to the lady guard kung iisipin natin.. so ngayon, since nabully na cia, lets stop making bad images na magpapa degrade sa kanya. we also have to consider the feeling of her family especially her parents.. Sobrang sakit para sa magulang ang malaman na kalaban ng mundo ang kanyang anak.. Sa mga nagspread, thank you for ruining the life of Paula Jaimie.. sana maging happy na kayo na malugmok sya. And for Vice Ganda… Your joke wasn’t a good one. Careful.

    • Hindi lahat ng tao natutuwa sa kanya. In fact, Lourd De Veyra wanted to teach the Horse a lesson. :)

    • Very well said! Madalu s knila mgslita kc hndi cla ang nsa sitwasyon. Ikaw man bastusin ng taong ineexpect mong dpat unang mgpkita ng respeto sau, im sure ganun din ang ggwin mo.

  14. Social media merely amplifies the reality. Whatever we do before it only makes it easier, faster and efficient with today’s technology. So, kung ang society natin ay tsismoso, then social media will amplify our tsismis-based society. And before you rant and turn the cannons to the media please watch 24 Oras http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHCRccsrEqA&feature=related as they took the two sides of the story. Bust something else because this one is no good.

  15. bkit kya ngaassume pa tong mga kunwaring concerned citizen kuno na mga to, hinire ako ng isang kumpanya for security work, my job is to screen all the people thats coming in, tapos gagawa ka ng mali, nakauniporme pa ako ng panggwardya tps pgsasalitaan mo ako na para bang pinapalamon mo ako, mabuti nga di sya pinaaresto, kun d2 yan sa amerika, ang kaso nyan terorismo kagad,d n kelngn ng warrant at abogado,mantakin mo ba naman abalahin nya ung screening process ng mga pasahero para lng talakan ako, ano pa bang side ng istorya ang gus2 nyo?

    • Kung totoo bang ganun tlga ang ngyari. Un ang hnhintay. Ini assume lng kc ng blita n tumanggi ang babae s security check.

      • teka, paula jamie salvosa, ikaw ba yan? napaka big deal sa iyo ng nangyari at pilit mong binubulag sarili mo eh…

        o sige ito nangyari. si llamoso, tulad ni salvosa ay pasahero din ng LRT… actually nakapasok na nga siya di ba (as seen in the video). natawag atensiyon nya sa commotion, so kinunan nya ng video, then pi-nost nya sa FB nya for his friend to see. that simple. who made the post sensational?

        tayo na mga nag like, nag share, at NAG-COMMENT at patuloy na nagko-comment, tulad mo… AT, yung mga networks pati na YAHOO na sumasakay sa isyu…

        so, can we still blame llamoso?

  16. What’s happening is sickening already. That is the reason why the government has passed the Cybercrime Law which, to all of us is a nightmare and is over stepping our rights to speak. I didn’t watch the video, I only read tweets, fb posts and news, the reactions of people who comment were too much. We all have a bad day once in a while, and what do we really know about the very thing that happened between the girl and the guard? Do anyone of us know? We just based our opinions to what we saw in the video. Cyber bullying is too much in the Philippines.

  17. blame the person who posted the vid? huh??? he was just returning the favor! c’mon, don’t kill the messenger…

  18. Amalayer should have a press conference to clear her name. We are now in the era of digital information. These cannot be controlled. Para na tayong lahat celebrity (but of course a lot less drama). What do celebrities do when they are caught in a scandal, they clear their names or sue someone. But the damage is already there. So they just endure. And for most celebrities, they keep private as much as possible. The public should now learn from this and refrain from having such episodes. Just my dig on things…

  19. Dito magaling ang Pilipino, ang magbato kung sino ang may kasalanan… Lahat naman may kasalanan sa nangyari, so hanapin nalang natin ang Greater Evil..

    Lady Guard = May kasalanan din ito, di lang natin nakita dahil di kompleto ang video.. Pero may kasalanan din sya, para umabot sa ganung punto ng galit si AMALAYER..

    AMALAYER(Paula??…) = Sumobra ang panonood ng Telenovela, Feeling Kontrabida ang drama.. Nakalimutan nyang di magandang ugali ang magmaliit sa kapwa.. Arogante, Mayabang, at higit sa lahat ENGLISERA!!

    Nag-upload = Feeling Cameraman na gustong maging bida.. Gustong ipakita na may pakialam sya sa nangyayari.. Bukod sa magvideo, ano pa ang ginawa nya para mabawasan init ng ulo ni AMALAYER?!

    Pinoy = Best Supporting Actor/Actress, mga SAWSAW!! (Ansabe: T<*] I/@ nag English, mali mali naman ang grammar at pronouncation..) Ang tingin ng marami pangit lang ang pronouncation ni AMALAYER, kaya tumatawa sila..

    Teka, anong pinag-iba ng Pinoy kay AMALAYER? Ahhh.. Baka wala lang kumukuha sa ginagawa ng mga Pinoy, pero karamihan sa kanila parang si AMALAYER din..

  20. our country is twisted. admiring people who insult and make fun of people in national tv and got paid for it like the comedian mentioned on this article yet becomes all self-righteous and judge a person for something she did that we do not even fully understand the real story behind.

  21. maliit na bagay kasi pinapalaki. makapag post lng ng video ksi ang iniisip at para sumikat sa paraan na ito. Mr. gregory “videomen” llamoso. do you think sikat kna. as we heard dapat hinayaan nalang natin sla na mag kaayos. sayao kya gawin yan mr. gregory “videomen” llamoso? ok lng ba sayo?

  22. Hindi lang naman siguro ito ngayon lang nangyari, marami din namang ganyan na nangyari na- ang difference lang ay hindi sila na-video… Kung concerned nga sana ung concerned citizen (na kumuha ng video na ito), sana before niya nipost ung video, tinulungan nyang mapakalma si Amalayer, then inalam nya ung story, para kahit iupload nya sa youtube eh at least nilagay nya sa description ng video ung nangyari.

  23. has anyone even bothered to ask why she acted that way? sheesh… let us all admit that there are arrogant guards in the LRT. My aunt has first hand experience on that, she did the “right” thing of reporting the said guard to the LRT authorities and what happened? After weeks of going back and fort to LRT’s offices the reported guard didn’t even bother to show up every time and the LRT admin simply dismissed my aunt’s compalaint saying they can’t act on it since the guard won’t show up and they can’t get his side, the heck??

    Now is the amalayer girl rude? yes she is! but how about the guard? what the hell happened or did that guard do to get such a reaction? Will one react that way when you are approached nicely? Or again I say did even anyone bother to get to the bottom of the story? None. All just reacted and threw stones.


    • did anyone blame t3 for posting carabuena’s video? sabi ng tatay ni carabuena pinaghahampas ng MMDA yung BMW nya… if its true, then carabuena did the right thing… now we all because righteous… HAHAHA

      llamoso posted it in his FB account… naki ride lahat… so all are to be blamed. hindi nyo ba alam na sa cybercrime law, mag like ka, mag comment ka, mag share ka, SABIT KA DIN?

  24. In response to @Missology
    Kahit ano ang dahilan? Yes, it’s true that social media amplifies the reality but somehow it ruins life.It is not good to air everything in the media and social networking sites. Our freedom is not absolute. We are in a democratic country but democracy does not mean free to express what the people want to express. In Paula’s case, sana hindi nalang inaupload and video para hindi na humaba ang gulo.( The People vs. Paula). Hindi naman cia kriminal o nagnakaw ehh para humantong pa sa ganitong sitwasyon. Ngayon, biktima na cia ng Cyber bullying.. Hindi lang kay Paula ang sakit, pati rin sa kanyang pamilya..mahirap mamuhay sa ganyang sitwasyon, lalo na kung kinukutya sila ng mga tao.. All i want to say lang nman is that, Let’s give her a chance to live a new life. :)

  25. Gregory Llamoso is to be blame, he should have think first what will be the cause of taking that video to the life of Miss Paula. It was just a very small scandalous act in public and that is not suitable to be recorded. I guess he wanted to be famous that’s why he took that video. Knowing that the video itself could create a very funny thing and will lead to popularity. Pinoys are fun of controversies, I admit that. If I were Miss Paula, I will make a move to file a case against Mr. Llamoso, for taking the video without her permission. Even though Miss Paula showed that bad image to the public, it was just her defense mechanism that brought her to that action. People made mistakes. So you just can’t blame Miss Paula alone. C’mon people, think think think.

  26. Dapat ang nag upload nito kasohan din ng Cybercrime Act. Sana naman nag post sya ng complete video hindi yung nakakalamang. As far as I know bisexual ang nag upload na si Gregory :) Nakikisawsaw tayu sa mga problema ng iba nakalala lang. Pangalawa pa ano naman kung nag English ang isang tao? What’s wrong with it? Pilipino nga naman, eh di dapat nag co-correct kayu sa mga British na mali-mali ang pronounciation grabe kayo makapang husga sa pronounciation ni hindi nyo nga maayos ang sarili ninyo.

    Totoo naman na may mga guard na mga bastos and na experience ko yan pero sa akin hindi ko yan tinatantanan diretso sa Agency office nila mag reklamo wag na sa Security Office.

  27. Hirap sa ating mga Filipino nung time na mainit yung amalayer most of people galit sa kanya and thankful sa kumuha ng video.Now sa kumaha naman ng video tayo nagagalit kasi too much yung naging result ng ginawa niya. If anyone of you ang nasa Amalayer LRT Station that time at napanood mo yung ginawa ni Amalayer sa lady guard tapos hindi nakunan yung nangyari. First una mo masasabi sa sarili mo “grabe yung ginawa ni amalayer sobrang mangmaliit ng tao, kung saken gagawin yun baka nagsabunutan na kau” and for sure manghihinayang ka na sana nakuhanan ng video para nakita ng publiko yung ginawa niya. If I’m the one na nagkalat nun siguro nde ako magsisi kasi pinapakita ko lang na that’s not the right attitude. What if hinde siya kumalat, for sure until now si Amalayer iniicp nya pa rin na nsa mataas na antas siya at nanghahamak pa rin ng ibang tao. for me wala tayong dapat ikagalit sa nagupload ng video, now naturuan na ng lesson si amalayer pwede na natin itigil ung masamang sinasabi natin sa kanya. All we need is to move on.

  28. come on guys… whats the difference of gregory paul llamosos’s action in publishing his video, to that of T3 staff video of carabuena, or to the video of a laundy shop owner caught in CCTV harassing the cashier in a carinderia, or the video of charice and of zendee rose tenerife that became their vehicle to fame? NOTHING!!!

    it is the people that make or break a video post!!! it is the news networks who sensationalize these posts that make it more popular…

    dont blame llamoso. he just posted it in his FB account. I also post incredible and amazing videos in my FB but people do not notice it. I saw a video of a very angry woman in LRT cursing and berating the person she was talking to in her cellphone, but this too did not go viral… see the point?

  29. “The truth is, naiinis tayong lahat sa ginawa ng babae dahil pinamumukha niyang she is on the elite status dahil sa paulit-ulit niyang pag-iingles.”

    Absolutely not! I, for one, detest why we were forced to speak English. We are ashamed, because let’s face it, considering the unstable economy of the country and its undeveloped nature with unreliable public institutions, THERE IS NO ELITE IN IT, and those who think they are, are doing so at the grave expense of all the poor around them.

    YAN ang PINAKA-MASAKIT na KATOTOHANAN that we simply cannot admit. That truth means, we are all busabos inside the archipelago with no true civilization to be proud of.

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